One Year and One Month Later…

As of last week, Kyle and I hit our one year mark of our first date. We also checked off one month of being engaged. Thank goodness there are only three more to go! We are very much ready to be married and starting that chapter of our lives together.

Since January marked a special time, we decided to reminisce and relive what we had done on our first dates, which mostly involved food. Our first date happened to be a pre-blind date, because Kyle took me out to get frosty’s and fries at Wendy’s. This was after he heard, over a facebook conversation, that my Grandpa Barfuss had had a pretty severe heart attack.  A bit of sugar, salt and good conversation was the perfect pick-me-up a year ago, as it was this year from a stressful schedule, for both of us.

A couple days later, 0ur real first date involved going to his apartment and enjoying homemade cheese soup in bread bowls.  Yum… so as Sunday the 21st came this year,  so did that delicious soup. And the night ended with games, and laughing at all the good times we have had.

It is amazing how times change, and how quickly too. Within a month of being married we’ll also get another big change. Yesterday, Kyle was offered a summer internship with the Walmart corporate office, in Bentonville, Arkansas. This is a huge blessing since internships are very hard to come by these days. Neither of us know much about Arkansas except for where it is located, it is the Walmart headquarters, it only gets to about 88 degrees in the summer (thank goodness. I dont’ like the heat), and they are currently having a blizzard which involves ice pellets. Sounds fun, eh? Needless to say, I’m a bit apprehensive, but we are going to have quite the adventure.  Unfortunately, since the internship starts May 23rd, we also don’t have a place to live after we get back from the honeymoon, May 7th.  An extended honeymoon sounds nice, yes?

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “One Year and One Month Later…

  1. Yeah! you have a blog. Arkansas huh? That is kind of close to where we live right now. I am excited to hear about more of your adventures. Keep posting, please!


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