Adventures of the Weekends

Since Kyle and I are both very busy during the week, we don’t see each other much. But, that means our weekends are really fun. Last weekend, Kyle and I went to the Midway Ice Castle, which was cool but very cold! Kyle and I both had our warmest coats on and we were still shivering. If you have the chance to get out to the ice castles this year, they are fabulous. They were made through the use of PVC pipe that is constantly showering out water, which freezes into these amazing sculptures. I believe the largest ice castle in the area is about 30 feet high with tunnels on the inside of it. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Despite the freezing weather and our shivering, Kyle and his friend, Rob, whom with we were doubling, insisted that we go to the hot pots just down the road. Getting into the hot pots was probably the coldest thing I’ve done in a while since we had to walk from the car to the hot pots in only our swimsuits. Once we got in, and after we got past the burning feeling of our fingers and toes, we were nice and toasty.

Last weekend, we also spent time registering for our wedding. We didn’t anticipate it taking that long, but we ended up being in Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about 3 1/2 hours. Kyle was ready to be done after the first hour, but he was a trouper. I think it was the intensive of getting presents, and that I told him that I would take him out to dinner after… what do you think?

This weekend has been great for us, too! We’ve spent it doing plenty of homework but also going to an honors banquet, an MDT showcase, making delicious food, and enjoying the relaxing three day weekend. Speaking of making food, as Kyle and I were making cookies last night, we both decided that using flour for the batter just wasn’t good enough. Let’s just say, we were both left with very white faces and I had a kitchen that looked like a light snow had  just fallen. And, for the record, Kyle would like me to say that he was the winner of the flour fight. For now he is, anyway… heh heh

As of today, Kyle and I have been dating a whole year. We spent last night reminiscing on our favorite memories, our break-ups, and how far we have come. I’m happy to report that even after all of the little difficulites (and some larger ones…) that we had to get to this point, we are happily in love and more excited than ever to get married in two months! To celebrate our one year mark, we’re planning on going out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurant, Gloria’s Little Italy. Yum!


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