Only 25 days left!

Both Kyle and I are anxiously awaiting the day that we get married. It seems like besides school and work, that’s all we talk about. I’m sure most of you know the craziness that comes with planning a wedding, and we are sure feeling it. It seems like there is so much more to do before the end of the month. But we are counting down the days. I guess it also helps that we are ready to be done with the semester, and that is fueling our desire for the days to pass more quickly. Anyhow, thank you to those who are helping with our wedding. We couldn’t do it without you!

Kyle and I are both taking too many credits in school, working 20+ hours a week, and I’ve been performing with CDT almost every weekend for the past month. Basically, we never see each other. Needless to say, we were both so happy to have some down time as we were watching conference. We both loved Elder Scott’s talk on marriage. It was one of those talks where we both started writing down all the things that we should start doing to keep our relationship at its finest. We were also laughing at all the many times that the brethren said something to the effect of, “get married”. Each time we would hear that, we would give each a little smile that really meant, “you don’t need to tell us anymore!”

All in all, things are going well here. So until next time, much love coming from two love birds.


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