Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello!

Meet the members of Contemporary Dance Theater…


Yes… these really are the people that I spend most of my time with, which is usually  12+ hours per week. Poor Kyle. These people are like my family away from family, and they are wonderful! This photo was taken yesterday at our final social of the year. We were all given personality/funny awards from the past year. I was given the mature and presentable award which was accompanied by the statement, “Jeneca is like the mom of CDT”.  Sound familiar? (I think I will forever be regarded as mom by my siblings, roommates, and now dance team…)

I am so sad that the majority of our members will be graduating, but I am excited for what will come with the team next year. Last week I had to audition for CDT again, and thankfully made it  for a second year. This means that next summer I will be going on a performing tour to India for three weeks! The best part is, most of the cost of traveling will be paid by BYU funding! Kyle is hoping to tag along as a tech crew member, which would be very nice for me to have him there as a support.

Unfortunately, I had a bit of a scare after the audition which left me thinking I would not be on the company again. I was going to check the list of those who had made the team, when I was approached by one of the men, Evan, who has been on the team with me this year. In all seriousness, he looked at me and said, “Jeneca, your name is not on the list. What happened?” I immediately burst into tears because I was severely disappointed in myself. Evan did not expect this reaction and he quickly told me that he was kidding and that my name was on the list. Thank goodness he was telling the truth the second time. But he did feel bad about what he had said and to make it up to me, he brought me a cupcake later that night.

I also was awarded one of the dance department’s few but large benefactor scholarships for next year’s tuition. That will be a huge help since Kyle and I will have a lot of new expenses we’re not used to next year.

The semester is now almost over, Kyle and I will be married soon, we’ll get to spend time with our families, and then we’ll be moving to Arkansas to start a new adventure. Life is good!



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