Time flies when you are busy…

Time really does fly by quickly when you have so much to do! The end of the semester has been packed with performances, auditions, papers, projects, birthdays, wedding plans, and so on. But life is still wonderful and I’m happy that our wedding is only two weeks away!

This Tuesday was Kyle’s birthday, and like a good fiance I tried to throw in a few surprises. His day included a present at lunch, dinner at Red Robin, shopping for new clothes, and brownies, ice cream, and presents at my apartment, in the evening. Which leads me to another story…

For the last month or so, Kyle has been begging me to give him a Nerf gun. Every time he would mention it, I would remind him that he is turning 24 and doesn’t need a Nerf gun. Kyle then would tell me that it is pretty much the only thing that he wanted.

Well, finally I caved and bought him the gun but for weeks I still pretended that I was not going to give him it as a gift. When he was opening his gift and realized it was a Nerf gun, he was like a little boy at Christmas. That included shooting everyone who walked in the door of my apartment. I’m hoping I don’t grow to regret that purchase.


3 thoughts on “Time flies when you are busy…

  1. I’m sorry, I take total blame for the Nerf gun thing. Two years ago for Christmas we picked an 11-year-old boy off the giving tree at church. We went to Target and picked out a Nerf gun for him. Well, of course Nate decided he needed one too. I gave him a similar speech about him being a grown up, but eventually caved and got it for him for Christmas. And I think he was more excited that Christmas morning than even Owen and Ella! Tanner went out and got one with Christmas money later that week. I’m sure Kyle has felt left out ever since! I must admit though, the Nerf gun came in handy when we were both in bed and neither one of us wanted to get up to turn the light off. He has very good aim and could usually shoot the light off in 1 or 2 shots!

  2. Julie… ha ha. Kyle did tell me that Nate had one, so I figured that’s why he wanted one, too. Our men. They really are children at heart. Of course, that’s what I love about him.

  3. Preston turned 25 this year and I still have to remind him to be a grown up… I fear I will be telling him that for the rest of our lives! Keeps life fun, and very interesting though!


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