As I was looking over some of the blogs of family members today, I caught myself anticipating my new adventure coming up in two weeks. The adventure of starting my own family as Kyle and I are sealed for time and all eternity. What a blessing it is to know that no matter what happens in this life, I am sealed to the man I love for eternity. I am so lucky to be a member of a church that gives me so much hope for the future and the knowledge of an eternal plan.

My family is one of the most important things in my life, and I am so blessed to have them in my life. I’m grateful to the hours that my parents spent guiding and teaching me to be the best I could be. I am so grateful for the lessons in cooking, cleaning, gardening, and basically how to work hard. I am grateful for my siblings and the examples that they are. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had with my families; from trips to traditions and trials and triumphs.

I can’t mentions families without paying tribute to my future in-laws. I’m so grateful that Kyle has been raised in the gospel by a strong family. I love all of his strengths and abilities that he, no doubt, learned as he was growing up. I’m so grateful that I will soon be a part of Frederiksen clan and they have welcomed me as a new member of their family with open arms. I love the memories that I have made with them so far, and I am excited to make many more.

As the number of days for my wedding are quickly decreasing, I am becoming more aware of how much I appreciate the idea of a family. I can’t wait until I can start my own and be able to once again feel the blessings of being a part of one. My overwhelming, and yet motivating hope is that I can do the same for my future family as my family has done for me.


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