April 29th

Since I was a little girl, I have been telling my parents that I was going to get married in the temple. Of course at that point in my life I was pretending that I was marrying Prince Eric or Robin Hood. Years later, I found myself telling my parents the same thing, I’m getting married in the temple. But instead of a Disney prince, I got to be married to the best man I could have asked for and live my own fairy tale.

Looking back on that beautiful day, I only remember two things; being so perfectly happy that I could hardly contain myself, and a blur of events in our well packed day. Early in the morning I got ready with my amazing maid-of-honor, Eryn, and wonderful hairdresser, Shelley. My parents drove me to the temple, while talking about the stormy weather, and double checking “to do’s” off of our list. Then we had the ceremony, where my Grandpa Todd sealed Kyle and I for time and all eternity. It was so beautiful and so simple but left me with the firm conviction that I would never be separated from my love.

The day was cold and gloomy, which was not in our plans. Instead of beautiful weather, we got snow. But, we didn’t let the flakes stop us and they, in return, let us take photos around the temple. Just as we were finished, the snow storm blew in. Our luncheon was a delicious buffet from Kneaders, with good company and conversation.

Then came the reception. Besides having our car completely covered in post-it notes, oreos, and balloons, thanks to our loving friends and family, the night ran smoothly.  Kyle didn’t smash too much cake on my face, my daddy made it through the father-daughter dance, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I also loved seeing so many of my friends and family and feeling their support.

By the end of the day, Kyle and I were exhausted, as I’m sure our parents and family were, too. Our feet and cheeks hurt, and we were starving but we were still so unbelievably happy to finally be married. I could write on forever about the details of my wedding day, but I think my time should be occupied with thanking everyone who was involved in the planning, organizing, decorating, gift giving, or supporting. Thank you for everything that you have done to help Kyle and I with our big day. We love you!

(Photo by Deb Lamb – more photos of the wedding day to come in a few weeks)



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