Our honeymoon was quite the adventure. We were constantly traveling, but we both really enjoyed that aspect of it. Kyle planned out our trip so well that we never were left hungry or without plans. He surprised me, our first night, by taking me to Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City. We had an awesome old fashioned suite with a fireplace, cheesecake, great room service, beautiful furniture and breakfast in bed! I felt so spoiled and pampered.

The next morning we were on a plane, headed to LAX. Troy and Joce were life savers as they picked up our car at the airport and took it to my parent’s house. Once we arrived, we headed to a nearby hotel to enjoy pizza and a movie. As the next day was Sunday, Kyle and I attempted to use the buses to get to a nearby church, but when they never came, we ended up taking a taxi. We happened to run into a girl who had been in my singles ward at BYU, and met some other ward members, and one who offered to drive us back to the hotel.

After church in LA, we took a shuttle down to the Queen Mary in Long Beach. For those who don’t know, the Queen Mary is a ship that is almost a replica of the Titanic. It was used as a transportation vessel to take people from England to New York. After having problems, it was docked in Long Beach and transformed into a hotel. It was a great place to stay and I would highly suggest it to anyone. Just be warned, there are ghosts.  We stayed in a beautiful cabin suite that looked like it had come right out of the time period. We took our time wandering around the boat, and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Monday came and we hopped on a cruise that took us from Long Beach, to Catalina Island, then to Ensenada, Mexico and back again. The cruise ship was huge and contained anything that you could possibly want. An art gallery, shops, a spa, work out room, mini golf, pools and hot tubs, and lots of places for food. This was both a blessing and a problem. You see, the food was so good that you would want to keep eating, but that’s not the best thing for your body. We got to eat lots of seafood and even try lobster, which was delicious! Kyle and I were also frequents to the 24 hour pizza and soft serve ice cream bar which left me scared that I wouldn’t fit into my wedding dress for our open house. Thankfully I did fit, but that is probably attributed to the hours that we spend walking around.

On Catalina Island we enjoyed window shopping on the main street and spending time in the water. Everything was so expensive but I loved looking at everything. We also found a place called Lover’s Cove (appropriately named for a honeymoon), where we went snorkeling. The weather was just warm enough, but the water was freezing! We both just had to dive in but we were grateful when we did. The fish weren’t amazing like you see in Hawaii, but it was still fun to be in the water. Some guy gave us some fish food which we used to lure the fish towards us which was actually pretty eerie because they would swarm.

Catalina Island was followed by Ensenada, Mexico. Kyle was excited to use his Spanish, and loved being able to talk to locals. We took a bus ride into the country to a place that they call La Boufadora, or the blowhole. It’s similar to the one in Hawaii, which throws water into the air as the waves come in. (Little fact for you, there are only three blowholes in the world, in Mexico, Hawaii, and Australia. I’ve seen two of them, and hopefully all three eventually…)

The blowhole was pretty cool, but it was more fun to watch the drunk or high people that were fascinated by it, as well as haggle with the shop keepers which were located nearby. We spent lots of time shopping for fun souvenirs. Kyle and I got quite good at getting the shop owners to cut the prices down. I got an awesome $90 ring for $20 and Kyle got his tourist hat from $30 to $10. We were proud of our haggling abilities. Kyle and I also ate a variety of Mexican food which I could never get enough of. Kyle made sure that I got the good stuff too, and honestly, there is nothing in the states which can compare.

We had one last day at sea, which consisted of  nothing but relaxing and fun. Besides watching all the tipsy people, which occurred throughout the day we lounged around, watched shows, ate more food, mini golfed, worked out, and sun bathed. After a delicious dinner complete with chocolate melting cake, we watched the sun set from an abandoned deck. It was absolutely the best way to end our adventure at sea.

Our cruise came to an end much to quickly, and soon we found ourselves flying to Boise for our open house. Before that started, Kyle took me to Wicked which happened to be performing in Boise that weekend. It was positively the most amazing wedding present he could have given me. It was such a good show, and Kyle loved it too. I think I have him hooked on musicals!



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