Honeymoon… Take 2

After opening lots of presents, and making meals for the ladies of the house on Mother’s Day, while in Boise, Kyle and I caught a ride with my parents, back down to Utah. We had about two weeks before we had to be in Arkansas for his internship with Walmart, and since neither of us had work or school obligations, we decided to enjoy the time we had off and take another series of trips aka our extended honeymoon or honeymoon… take 2.

Before we left, however, we had to unwrap presents from the Utah reception, organize, sort, return, and pack. Both of us intended to be done in a day. It took two, both with very late nights. But, once we had arranged our gifts in my parent’s downstairs closet, we packed our Civic and headed out on our adventure. With a short stop in Provo for various things, we then headed to Denver, Colorado where we were to stay with Kyle’s brother’s family. Along the way, Kyle and I encountered a snow storm that followed us for the next 5 hours of driving. It was not the most ideal weather to be traveling in, but that made our destination all the more welcome.

Nate, Julie, and Clara were great hosts. Nate made sure we had plenty of things to do, and Julie made sure that we were never hungry. And then Clara, she was just plain adorable. It was so nice to be greeted each morning by a little blonde haired cutie who would call your name and smile.

While there, we participated in quite a few athletic events. Nate, Kyle, and some of Nate’s friends created their own home run derby which consists of hitting a certain amount of balls in a Jr. league field and seeing how many they could get over the fence. I joined in at the end and was surprised to see how well I actually did. Kyle was on fire; hitting almost every pitch over the fence. I was impressed. Later that night, Nate had a ward softball game and Kyle joined in. He hit an amazing in field home run that had him into home long before the ball reached the same place. I sat with the other wives while cheering particularly loud as their team won the game. Delicious frozen yogurt followed.

That weekend, BYU’s rugby team happened to be playing nearby, and all of us having gone to BYU, we decided to support our team. With a trip to Cafe Rio before, we headed to the field only to be met by rain. Thankfully, we had rain coats, umbrellas, and blankets which kept us dry and warm while we enjoyed the game. Not to mention, BYU won! Whoo! Go Cougars!

We spent lots of time doing other fun things too. Kyle and I attended the nearby temple where I got to do my first proxy work! We had lunch in down town Denver, went to a delicious cup cake shop, visited the local Nickle City, and Nate and Kyle broke out their Nerf guns and had a war. On our final night there, we went to watch the Rockies baseball team play! The weather cooperated this time, and we enjoyed eating hot dogs, peanuts, and cracker jacks as we watched the game. We must be a good luck charm because the Rockies won the game as well.Every time we got in the car to go somewhere, Clara would ask, “Glasses?” and the would proceed to wear mine for the rest of the car ride.

I know I look slightly creepy in this picture but it captured one of those adorable moments. I was holding Clara in one arm and my ice cream cone in the other. As I was talking to Kyle, she slowly moved into the cone and took a lick. She proceeded to do that again as Kyle pulled out the camera and captured this shot.

Sleepy heads on the way back from the baseball game.

Kyle and I were both sad to leave but we loved our time that we spent with Nate, Julie and Clara. Thank you so much for letting us be guests in your house!



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