Open House

Despite the fact that rain was scheduled to fall, once again on our second open house, we still managed to have a beautiful wedding celebration, this time in Boise, Idaho. The open house was to be held in the back yard, so Kyle’s parents decided to rent a large party canopy that would be able to cover the majority of the yard and allow us to still be back there. The rain never did come, but the covering created quite the romantic atmosphere.

Kyle’s mom and sister did such a great job in putting everything together. I wasn’t there for the initial set up, but when I arrived on the scene, it took my breath away. They had made beautiful topiary centerpieces, combined different sizes of paper lanterns to create a light fixture in the tent, and even went as far as filling little mason jars with split peas and rice, complete with a little tea light on top. It was beautiful!

The decor was beautiful, not to mention the food. Nancy, my mother-in-law, along with a troupe of her friends spent the morning in the kitchen creating the most delicious assortment of brownies. There were raspberry cream cheese, rocky road, symphony, powdered sugared, and the classic mint. We also had punch and cheesecake. I didn’t get to eat during the open house, but I sure took advantage of the deliciousness afterwards.

I also noticed my siblings, Camren and Kenzli, doing the same. Multiple times they caught my eye while holding a new plate with a delectable treat on it. Though that did give them quite the sugar rush, they were also quite the troupers. Kenzli stood by the entrance all night, taking packages and envelopes from people as they came it. Camren just had to deal with the girliness of the reception. Thanks to Kyle’s brother, Tanner, and brother-in-law, Spencer, who decided to take him into the house for a wii challenge. He was much happier there.

Many thanks to my family for driving up to Boise and my new family for baking, arranging, planning, designing and photographing the whole evening. It was lovely. (Also, thanks to Andi who took the pictures I posted. I stole them off her blog.)



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