Visiting the Past

The morning after our session at the Winter Quarters temple, we traveled down to Nauvoo. This was another drive in which we were very ready to get out of the car, but we were excited for our destination. Once we did pull into Nauvoo we were welcomed by the beautiful view of the temple. After getting out of the car to admire and enjoy the fresh air, we went to some shops near the temple and then down to old Nauvoo. We walked along the Trail of Hope while talking about the amazing sacrifices that the pioneers made. The night was warm and breezy but was incredibly peaceful. It was a wonderful experience for both of us.

We also visited the Community of Christ’s section of Nauvoo to read the plaques by the buildings and visit the final burial spot of Joseph, Hyrum and Emma.We finished our evening with the Rondezvous in Old Nauvoo show. It was adorable to see all the couple missionaries up on stage performing. You could tell that some of them had never done anything like that before, but they were still performing their hearts out. I loved it and would go again because of the adorable performers that kept a smile on my face.

That evening, in order to save money, Kyle and I stayed in a campground called Camp Nauvoo. It only cost $6 per night, so we took advantage of a good price. We set up our tent, pulled out our sleeping bags and proceeded to start making a fire, when we started hearing little squeaks coming from above us in the trees. We thought that these would go away after a while but they continued to pester us the rest of the night. Even though they were most likely from a squirrel or  raccoon, I was happy to have my man there to protect me just in case it turned out to be something else.

The next day we explored the rest of the old town that we didn’t get to see the previous day. We had both been there before, but we both decided that since we are older, we appreciate it so much more now. We also got to go on a carriage ride through some of the lesser seen areas, as well as going on a tour through the Community of Christ area of Nauvoo. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed talking to him about the comparisons between his church and ours. It was very educational.

The rest of our time that evening was spent at the temple. Kyle and I were able to do another amazing session. In the dressing room, I was helped by the grandmother of a family in our ward and one of my friends. Sister Robb also served in the Vernal temple with my Grandpa and Grandma Todd when they were the temple president and matron there. I love small world connections.

The next morning, with a quick trip to a final Nauvoo home, we drove to Carthage Jail. We went through the jail in a tour along with two families of rowdy kids, but that was wonderful all the same. There was a beautiful spirit there. We also learned a lesser known fact about the jail. It happens to be the tornado shelter for the missionaries because the walls are three feet thick.

And then we drove. And drove. And drove. Missed our exit. Found a new route. Drove some more. And finally, pulled into Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our new summer home.’



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