Just Hangin’ Out

While Kyle is away, working hard for Walmart, I am at our apartment doing my own thing. As I mentioned before, I am still working for my job with the A.R.T.S. Partnership, thanks to my wonderful boss who agreed to let me work long distance. But that job only takes about 4 hours of my day. That leaves me about 5 more hours to hang out.

When we first moved in, I spent my time cooking, watching the news, or taking naps. That soon got dull which left me looking for new things to do. After all, you can only do so much of those things without varying consequences; gaining weight, getting scared that the killers on the loose will come get you, and not being able to sleep at night.  So, then I began working out, signed up for an online class to finish off my generals, brainstorming ideas for my senior project and, even went as far as designing our future apartment at BYU. I partially blame this on the design shows that I’ve become addicted to but also for the need for a creative outlet. In school, I am constantly working on something that I have to create, but here, I am stuck reading over monotonous documents for my job. Blah.

Last night, when I told Kyle that I needed an artistic outlet, he laughed at the idea that I needed an art project. I’m guessing I sounded like an elementary aged child, but I was completely serious. I have a behemoth need to create! Thank you to the right side of my brain. Afterwards, he took off to play basketball at our church with some of the men in the ward and I went to bed early. When I woke up in the morning, Kyle had left me a note and a pile of presents on my work chair. It was like Christmas!

On the way back from playing basketball, he had stopped at a store to buy a pad of art paper, watercolor paints, brushes, and side-walk chalk (you may laugh at this but I have wanted to buy some since the weather warmed up enough to be outside).  Sneaky. I immediately unearthed my sketching pencils from their drawer and sat down to draw the first thing I saw, our tomato plant. Though I will most likely never show my creations to anyone, it feels nice to have a creative project again.

I have the best man.


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