Our Apartment

Welcome! Let me give you the tour.

Our lovely kitchen which was stocked with all the basics and is now stocked with lots of deliciousness. It is, however, in need of a kitchen table as only two of us can sit at the bar.

 The living room that has way too many pillows and a giant television.

Our large balcony that was impossible to take a picture of. Instead, you just get a nice view of Tamato and Rosie our recently purchased plants.

The bedroom which has a large closet, comfortable bed, and another television.

Bathroom. Nothing special. Just a place to get ready and store our 72 hour kits just in case we have to grab them and jump in the tub.

The guest bedroom, which was also hard to photograph given the dimensions of the room. It is currently empty and longing for someone to sleep in it. It also has its own bathroom and television if that adds to the enticement.

Over the last three and a half weeks, our apartment, and its location, has helped us easily settle into a new life in Fayetteville. We weren’t expecting to have such a great place to live but we are enjoying our comfortable and stylish apartment. It has been the source of much-needed relaxation, shelter from storms, heat and humidity (thank you air conditioning) and a place to get to know our new friends.

With 240 interns at the Walmart headquarters, we knew we were bound to meet some people that we could befriend, but we were happily surprised to meet a few other interns that showed up at our ward. As it turns out, there are about 40 interns from BYU working with Walmart (way to represent!), and many of which are married. It just so happens that a select number of the married couples are living in same apartment complex as us. Kyle and I were so excited to have friends that we immediately began inviting people over so we could get to know them.

Through that initial meeting, Kyle now carpools to work with three other men, which has been a huge money saver as the commute is about 30 minutes. We’ve also spent quite a bit of time, when Kyle is off the clock,with his fellow interns, and their wives, which has made me particularly happy. From bowling, to dinner and dessert, and from lounging at the pool to drive in movies, Kyle and I are both enjoying making new friends and are looking forward to a wonderful summer with them.

There have also been many other people in our ward who have been so kind to help us settle in. We feel so fortunate to have moved into this area, and are beginning to considering moving back here if an offer comes. I don’t think that I could stand living away from family for the rest of my life, but two or three years doesn’t sound too bad.

Just a note: as seen in the photos above, we have a guest bedroom and more TV’s than people. This means, if any of you are dying to escape the heat and come enjoy more heat, and humidity, you are welcome to come visit. We would love to have visitors. Just let me know a few weeks in advance so we can plan accordingly.



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