More Wedding Photos

I promised to post more photos once I had them loaded on my computer. There were a couple hundred of photos originally, but I have cut them down to my favorites to share with you. That being said, here are another set of photos.

Cheering for the newlyweds.

There is a story behind the photo above. This is Camren, my little brother. He is 12 and like most boys that age, he hates being kissed or giving kisses. Even on my wedding day, he wouldn’t give me a kiss. Instead, I decided to give him one, which was obviously rejected.

Kyle’s siblings, minus Alisa. We missed you!

My family, minus Andrew. We missed you, too!

Kyle’s grandparents

My grandparents

Like father, like son. Kyle was definitely raised well.


I have mentioned before that it snowed on our wedding day. That made taking our photos quite chilly as we were standing around with the wind, snow, and freezing temperatures. My siblings and my MOH, Eryn, would huddle together until they were called to be in photos. They were troupers. Not to mention Eryn was my hero as she saved the day multiple times with her Mary Poppin’s bag which was constantly supplying me with hairspray, chapstick, fruit snacks, and anything else you can imagine a bride needed.

Our best friends!

I love this photo. I really can’t get over it. Why, you may ask? Because it perfectly shows mine and Kyle’s personalities simultaneously. Quirky? Yes.

Kyle had to spin me around so many times that we started getting sick from all the turning. It was well worth it.

Our photographer would do what she called the “10 second shoot”. She would basically hold down her camera button for 10 seconds while we moved around doing whatever we wanted to. There were quite a few winners that came from that, like the two photos above.

You may think that it’s strange that I chose this photo to add to my favorites, but it brings back fond memories. To get the photo above this one, we had to walk down the grassy hill. Doing so in heels would have been ridiculous, so in 30 degree weather, I walked down the hill through the very damp grass in bare feet. Apparently my photographer thought it was funny as I tiptoed my way down, and this photo was taken.

I like to call the face that Kyle is making in this photo, the smolder. (Thank you Tangled!) It gets me every time.

Have I mentioned that I love my dress? The back was stunning!

After surviving two hours of photos, we finished it off with looking over the valley, below the temple. It was freezing, the wind was blowing incredibly hard, but we were so unbelievably happy that I don’t think we even noticed.


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