We Love Our Ward

Have I mentioned that before? Maybe… But it remains true. We love our ward. Kyle and I spent this past Saturday enjoying the sun with a couple families, and loved every moment of it. First, we spent a few hours enjoying a beautiful and secluded backyard pool. I loved playing mermaid with the Cox girls, while Kyle and some of the other men had diving and largest splash contests. The men also enjoyed throwing each other around. Literally. Which was hilarious and slightly dangerous. All in all, it made for a lovely afternoon.

After swimming, we ate a delicious dutch oven meal with some of the families who had been at the pool. Not only was the food delicious, the company was wonderful. Our night ended with Kyle discovering just how much sun he got during the day. Though I won’t post any pictures of it, I think it is sufficient to say that he will be hurting for the majority of the week from the effects of sunburn. It’s a good thing he has a wife that will lovingly put aloe vera on his back to soothe his pain.



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