What really brings happiness?

This year I made a goal to write down one thing each day that I was either grateful for, or that made me happy. As I have looked over the list, I am once again reminded that while items that come with a price tag may keep me delighted for a while, it is the simple things that really make my life truly lovely. I still think of those things with a sweet sense of nostalgia and long to re-live those ephemeral moments. Because of how much I’ve enjoyed thinking of those things, I’ve decided to share a small number of them to let you into my morning daydreams.

  • Cuddling with my hubby
  • Cooking something delicious
  • Enjoying the crisp weather and colorful leaves of fall
  • Looking at inspired artwork
  • Picnic baskets, puppies, cool drinks, and ice cream in a park
  • Just being with family
  • Driving through picturesque landscapes
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Being in the mountains or sitting on an empty beach
  • Finding love notes
  • Flowers both inside and outside
  • Watching snow fall or enjoying an electrifying thunderstorm
  • Late night talks with Mom and Daddy
  • A relaxing foot massage
  • Reading a book by an open window or glowing fire

Just a little though, when I stop to notice the little things that are around me, it helps to remind me just how blessed I am, how beautiful the world is, and how each moment is precious.  Make your own happy list, and feel free to share it here or anywhere. I promise it will help bring a smile to your face.



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