Weekend Road Trip: A Day of Experiences

Kyle worked long 10 hour days at his internship to get the whole day off on Friday. That being said, early that morning, we took off to the beautiful city of St. Louis.   The drive there was about 6 hours, but we took a little detour to break up the monotony of driving. Let me introduce you to Lambert’s Cafe, home of the throwed rolls. Yes, throwed. And you should take that in the literal sense. I’ll explain in a moment. We arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by a crowd of people waiting to get in, and a 45 minute wait. Though I was skeptical at first, I soon found out the wait was well worth it.

We were seated in a booth but soon noticed two things, ball sized objects being thrown through the air, and a man walking through the room yelling, “hot rolls”. At most restaurants you have to and ask your waiter to bring you another roll while at Lambert’s, all you have to do is raise your hand and they will throw them at you. Kyle did the catching and we both did the eating. But that is not where the deliciousness ended. I had an amazing pulled pork sandwich with slaw and Kyle had fried chicken. This place also had an endless supply of food. If you finished what was on your plate, you got more, if you wanted a side dish, there were people walking around to give you what you wanted, and of course, endless throwed rolls. Needless to say, we left very, very, full.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we traveled the rest of the way to St. Louis to enjoy the one and only City Museum. Kyle and I have been to many museums, around the world but none of them have been like the one we went to there. The whole museum, created from an old shoe factory building, is a collection of found objects from the city, that are all pieced together to create a sculptural playground. It is meant for kids and adults alike but Kyle and I were strangely the only adults exploring in the museum. This produced quite a few looks from the parents which were stagnantly watching their children have fun. They most certainly missed out. After we had been there a couple of hours, the power went out, which made exploring a bit hard. Because we had already explored the majority of the museum, we ended up deciding to head out.

We ended our evening by meeting one of my best friends from way back when and the two men in her life. Jasmine and her husband Nate, and baby Tanner met us at Ted Drew’s for some amazing frozen custard (may I mention, that was most needed as the temperature was around 103 degrees outside and the humidity was sweltering). When we pulled up we saw a huge crowd waiting outside and knew immediately that it was a delicious place to eat. It most surely was. Not only was the custard delicious, it was so nice to see Jasmine again, after all the years of being apart. I loved being able to catch up and laugh at old memories. She has a great family, too. I couldn’t get over how cute her little boy was. I was instantly smitten.

Kyle and I decided that to save money we should camp out for our first night. Kyle found this place called Jellystone Park, which looked great on the website. And it was just as nice as it seemed, except for one thing, the temperature. When we booked the site, we didn’t expect triple digit heat, but from our night there, we learned a life lesson. NEVER go camping when it is that hot and humid outside. I guess that we are both used to the dry Rocky Mountain way of camping where it gets chilly at night.

Kyle has spent years sleeping in the hot, humid weather from his time in Africa and Mexico, but I have a difficult time with it. It is my arch nemesis. He was a sweetheart and fanned me to sleep with a makeshift paper fan while putting wet wash cloths on my forehead. I have a wonderful man.

Coming soon… day two of our long weekend!



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