20 + 2

I feel like during the span of age 13 to 21 there is great excitement at the prospect of turning one year older. This may be because most of the birthdays during that time have some significance; driving, dating, being a teen, becoming an adult, the ability to order things off of infomercials, etc. But this birthday, I really didn’t have something like that to look forward to. Yet, this weekend, I was still extremely excited to turn the big 22! I probably drove Kyle crazy with me reminding him that it was almost my birthday. I guess I still like the idea of growing up.

Or it may be the prospect of being spoiled… Many of you know of my deep and abiding love for Harry. Harry Potter that is. I’m one of those people that has read the books countless times, can quote the movies like none other, and can’t help but get excited when I see anything that may remind me of the series. My husband has very much noticed my enthusiasm over HP growing as we get closer to the final movie coming out. And so he spoiled me, once again with his gift giving. (Last Christmas he gave me the ring I wear on my left hand.) I am now the proud owner of all the movies that have come out so far. Yay! I also received some wonderful gifts and cards from my family, in-laws, and friends. I feel so blessed! And spoiled.

My birthday turned out to be wonderful with Kyle and I getting some time to relax and eat plenty of good food. We also played Settlers of Catan over Skype with my sisters which may have been the best part of the day, even if I did lose horribly. My sisters were also able to join Kyle in singing Happy Birthday to me via Skype. What a beautiful piece of technology that is!

The day did have a down side, however. And I learned a good lesson. If you are craving pie as your birthday treat, you need to use an actual pie pan. If you don’t have one, then don’t make a pie. We don’t have a pie pan, since we left ours at my house in Kaysville, so I attempted to make a rustic pie on a cookie sheet. One little hole in the pie crust and 40 minutes later I found this baking in the oven. Despite it’s rather unappetizing look, it was delicious. Especially topped with homemade ice cream. Yum.


One thought on “20 + 2

  1. Was that like your first baking mistake ever? 🙂 I miss baking time with Jeneca! I made chicken bread braid for Scott the other night and he loved it.


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