Weekend Road Trip: From Fiery to Fridgid

It’s a week later, but it is about time I finished telling of our adventures in St. Louis. On Sunday, Kyle and I headed to a nearby church to catch sacrament meeting. We were so grateful that we chose that ward, because the people in it were so uplifting. I especially loved the very elderly (I think she was 94 years old) woman who lead the music. She was so vivacious! And she smiled the whole time with the most adorable smile.

After catching a mid-morning nap, Kyle, Taniel, Isaac, and I headed to the zoo! We were all excited to see the animals and enjoy the somewhat cooler weather, when we started noticing clouds rolling in.  About a half an hour later, thunder started to roll and raindrops began to fall. We originally tried to avoid the rain by staying in the indoor exhibits, but there were only so many of them, and only so much to look at. So, eventually, we ended up walking through the rest of the zoo in the pouring rain without any protection from the elements. From that moment on, the weather did a complete flip-flop from the two days before. Instead of scorching heat, we were shivering from the rain and cold breeze.

Many of the animals weren’t out because of the rain, but the rain also provided a very empty zoo. At times we thought we were the only ones in the zoo because we hadn’t seen anyone for quite a while. That didn’t stop us from enjoying the sights. Some of our favorite memories were: the spider monkey giving Kyle the stink eye, Taniel and I starting to feel invisible bugs as we are in the insect house, the weird alien looking monkey baby, walking into the Antarctically cold penguin house after being soaking wet, the bouncing hippos, Kyle insisting we go see the bears, and Issac shaking his head mockingly at the toucan.

Above all, Kyle and my favorite part of the trip had to do with creating monologues or dialogues for the animals. I don’t know how many of you have seen BBC Animal Voice Overs on youtube, but that perfectly shows what we were doing. And it was hilarious! I would highly suggest doing so on your next adventure at the zoo.

Before the rain… and my camera dying…

During the rain…

You can’t tell very well, but we were sopping wet.

On Monday we spent the morning sleeping in and chatting with Isaac and Taniel but then it was time to say goodbye. Kyle and I geared up for the drive home while our travel companions headed into the city again to do a little more exploring. As soon as we got home we rushed to unload and prepare for a little 4th of July BBQ. We are so lucky to have so many new friends



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