Interns vs. Executives

Every summer, Walmart has a softball game where the interns attempt to conquer the executives. Because Kyle is always up for a challenge, he signed up for the team as soon as he could. After hours of practicing with the team in the hot sun, it was time for the game. Because of the size of the team, Kyle was only able to go up to bat once and play in the field once, but it was fun to watch him. He had a great hit, which looked very impressive and he was the source of all three outs when he was covering second base. Look at my man go… Unfortunately, the interns lost, but they did put up a very good fight.

This game was also to help raise money for the local Special Olympics. Kyle did his bit to help by arranging a dunk tank where anyone who was willing to pay a couple of dollars could attempt to submerge a Walmart executive in a tank of cold water. It was a huge success and the hit of the softball game. Even better, the money raised there was around $400, going to a good cause.



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