Note to Self…

After writing my last post, Kyle and I left Fayetteville, Arkansas in our overly packed car, to make the trip to Aurora, Colorado where we would be staying with Kyle’s brother and his family. Though it started out well, our luck lessened as the hours passed which now leaves me with a list of notes for myself of things not to do while driving across the country.

Note to self… get a bigger car or decrease the amount of luggage in your current car.

Note to self… do not buy more things, that you will have to pack in your already stuffed car for when you return.

Note to self… check the weather predictions to ensure that you will not be met by thunderstorms galore, wind, and pelting rain.

Note to self… take a picture when you see a Kansas policeman herding a cow with his car on the side of the freeway.

Note to self… don’t try to keep your time occupied with eating M&M’s and gummies because it will come back to bite you and you will have a stomach-ache the rest of the drive.

Note to self… enjoy the views around you rather than counting down the hours because it will make the time go by faster.

Note to self… never try to drive 13 hours straight even if you are switching off drivers.

And finally… Note to self… when looking up directions to a destination make sure to check, double-check, and triple check directions through different sources. If you do not do this, you may end up in a run down, shady neighborhood, at 2 am, then stopping at gas stations to ask for directions, and perhaps eventually, you may be escorted to your final destination by a cop who will then look at you suspiciously as you try to let yourselves into a family member’s house with a garage code that fails the first couple of times.

Despite the long journey to make it to Aurora, we loved spending time with Nate, Julie, Clara, and our new niece, Grace. We spent lots of time at the park, having a home run derby, enjoyed looking through Parade of Homes houses, playing with Clara, losing dramatically in Pinochle , and holding little Grace. This leads me to a final note to self… Kyle is going to be a great dad, when that time comes. (Which, for those who are constantly teasing me about being baby hungry, is at least a couple years away.) Thank goodness for family time, because the next day we were back on the road headed for Utah.


2 thoughts on “Note to Self…

  1. hahaha oh road trips. i hate stopping along the way cuz i just want to get there, so we go on our yearly 26 hour drive to ohio without stopping. not the funnest.

    when i moved from arizona back home to ohio i drove the 36 all by myself and i couldn’t stop or i knew i’d panic. it took me 2 years to be able to even attempt another road trip… blech

    i’m glad you guys are safe and sound 🙂 miss yoU!

  2. I love all those pictures! Especially the one with Kyle and Clara sporting the sunglasses and the one with Gracie looking up at Kyle. Too cute! Thanks again for visiting and come back soon!


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