“Utah! With its Mountains and Valleys.”

Many people can attest to the fact that any time spent away from home seems like much longer than it actually is. And when you finally get to the point where you return home, it seems like all the time away was little more than a dream. That was definitely the case for me as I was returning home to Utah. It seemed like our adventures of the summer, were little more than a short vacation away from home. But I was excited to return, none the less.

After driving another 7 and a half hours, we arrived in Kaysville. It was so nice to see my parents and siblings, eat a delicious meal, and play games while exchanging stories from our different adventures of the summer. All those hours of driving at last seemed worth it.

Unfortunately, returning home involved moving the large amount of possessions that Kyle and I had accumulated over the years and received for our wedding; as we didn’t take much of it to Arkansas than what would fit in our car. That made the process of moving more daunting. Anyone who has known me for very long will tell you that I am a very organized and particular person. I like to know where things are, and how to access them. So, when boxes and furniture were strewn across our new apartment’s living room floor, I felt completely frazzled and had no idea where to start.

Fortunately, we had people who came to our rescue. My family, along with our friends Eryn, Karl, and Kathryn helped us haul, unpack and organize as much of our stuff as possible in one day. To which I could never show enough gratitude. However, the rest was then left up to us. It has now been a week since we moved in, and I am finally feeling like everything has found its place. The towels are hung, our furniture is placed, and the dishes have their cupboard.

During that time we have also been able to purchase a mattress, kitchen table, chairs, an extra mobile counter top (which is a life saver because we literally have only four square feet of usable kitchen counter top to work with), a coffee table, an entertainment center, and other odds and ends to help pull our apartment together. Most of these purchases were funded by wedding money and gift cards that we are continuously grateful for. We was also lucky enough to inherit living room furniture from my Grandpa and Grandma Barfuss, as they were redoing their living room around the time of our wedding.

We are both feeling incredibly lucky to actually have furniture. Because without the help of others, we would have no, I repeat, NO furniture. That would make for a very uncomfortable apartment. It has been quite the process, especially with me going to rehearsals and Kyle to work, each for 8 hours everyday, but now we have made our apartment into our home.

And now may I present, the living quarters of the Frederiksen’s. Please don’t judge me on my photography. Our apartment doesn’t have very good lighting, and it is very hard to try and really capture what the rooms look like. I guess those who are really interested will just have to come visit.

Living room:




We also have a second bedroom but that is acting as our storage closet for the time being and will not be shown on this blog, at this time.

Once again, many, many thanks to our family and friends who have helped us move, helped us start out our married life, and for the many presents that have been given that now fill the spaces of our apartment and make it more beautiful. We feel so blessed be associating with so many loving and generous people.


One thought on ““Utah! With its Mountains and Valleys.”

  1. Very cute! We don’t have any counter space either. What were they thinking?! It’s a huge pain for cooks like ourselves 😉


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