The First of the Last

Monday, August 29th, 2011, marked two important dates; our 4th month anniversary, and the first day of the last year of our undergrad schooling It was a bitter-sweet moment thinking that my time in school was limited but as the semester continues on, it becomes more and more sweet every day. I am very much ready to be working and  using what I have learned in the past four years. I know that Kyle is also feeling the same way. Despite out eagerness to be done with school, it has brought some exciting adventures our way.

One in particular included our wonderful friends, Troy and Jocelyn. Troy is Kyle’s long time best friend, and Joce and I instantly became friends when we met a year ago. They are both up at Utah State going to school, so we don’t see them as often as we would like, but we make the most of the time we do have. This little get together included going bowling, watching the BSU football game, eating way too much sugar, staying up late playing video games, and relaxing on Sunday.

Bowling is not my thing, as many people know, but because I happen to be married to a man who just loves to bowl, I often find myself dragged along to the alley. (Side note, if you want to watch/listen to a stand up piece on bowling, click here.) Troy is also a lover in the sport of bowling, and thus we found ourselves at the BYU bowling lanes.  I did less than satisfactory, however, everyone else did great! In fact, Troy managed to get two turkeys, score a 240, take home the prize of two t-shirts, and have his name placed on the high score board.  Basically, he’s a champ bowler.

According to Kyle, this blog post would not be complete without me mentioning that BSU won their game. Though I am not converted to being a fan of Boise, yet, I do have to admit that they are a fun team to watch. Not to mention, watching the game with a group of great people makes it all the more better. Plus, we had copious amounts of snack food and celebratory root beers to enjoy, as well.

I could go on and on talking  about all the funny events that happened that night, but I believe it will be sufficient to say that Troy is hilarious, sugar makes us loony, and late night video games just make for a sleepy hangover that is not easily disguised. Thank goodness that Sunday is a day of rest, and that weekend was three days long instead of two. That also meant that we got to spend the evening with some of our other friends having a barbecue, with amazing potato salad! Thank goodness for food. It makes life so much more enjoyable. As do photos where I capture amazing looks like you can see with Kyle and Karl.



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