Kyle and I have a bucket list of sorts, as I’m sure that many people do. Most of the items on our bucket list involve some sort of adventurous activity and the others are a compilation of arts and randomness.  When Kyle told me that he was planning a surprise and splurge date, I imagined that it would be  something on our bucket list. I had a couple ideas of what it would be but was completely surprised when we drove up Provo Canyon to meet a van that had MaxZipline written on the side.  I have been zip lining before in Montana near Glacier National Park, and loved it, but Kyle has never been.

We were driven over the river and through the woods, to a little trailer where we collected our gear (during which one of the workers tried to flirt with me after which Kyle made sure he knew we were married), and went through a short training process. From there, along with two other families, we were driven up the mountain, to reach the first zipline. All together, there were five different lines that spanned across the side of the mountain, giving us a great view. It was a beautiful, overcast day and at times we could see lightning in the distance, but we never had any bad weather to worry about, where we were. Thank goodness. Writing about this experience would not do it justice. Instead, I’ll let you decide from context how much fun we had.

Oh, and one more thing, if you ever get a chance to go on a zip line, do it. It is well worth your money.



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