Weekend Road Trip: 26.2

The last week of September was a long and very stressful week for both of us. Kyle, on the hunt for a job at the career fair at BYU, was kept busy by dinner meetings, handing out resumes, and interviews as well as staying on top of homework. I started out the week with and upset stomach, an intimidating math test, an overload of assignments, and a dis-functioning computer. Needless to say, I counted down the days to the weekend when I would finally have the time to breathe. Around 6:30 on Friday, we found ourselves packing up and loading bags into our Civic, and then driving out of town. Our destination: St. George, Utah.

This trip was not one taken on a whim, but had a very specific purpose. We were going to cheer on my mom, aunt, and uncle as they ran the St. George Marathon. Around 11, we arrived at our hotel, where we were staying with my parents and tried to get to sleep as soon as possible. With too few hours of sleep, we woke at 5:45 to dress, eat, and head out to make it to Veyo by 7:30, to cheer on the marathoners as they were working on the 7th mile of torture. (Keep in mind that these people have been up since sometime around 3. Their sacrifice was much bigger than ours. Especially if they couldn’t sleep that night.)

We got to the race just in time to see the lead runner coming down the hill. To our surprise, Kyle’s past roommate, Jon Kotter, was that runner. We cheered enthusiastically and then waited for the other people we knew to run by. We somehow missed seeing my uncle Tyler, and saw my aunt Netty, but she didn’t see us. Then the  most important runner, my mom, came cruising by. We enjoyed cheering others on as well, and happened to see a few other people that we recognized. However, the highlight of the morning was seeing the reaction of the runners to this sign…

Though I made this sign, the saying actually came from my cousin, Bryson, as he made another sign with the same saying the last time his parents, Netty and Tyler, ran the St. George marathon. It has become a family inside joke, that we tell each other before a race. I felt obligated to share his words of advice once again for mom, Netty, and Tyler, as well as letting others in the crowd of runners feel my support. If anything, this sign just helped to lighten the mood. Those who noticed the sign as they ran past would say things like, “I won’t!” and “That sign is for me!” or just laugh. Of course, I did have some people that rolled their eyes and seemed bugged. I guess they were dealing with that problem… Sorry!

We left Veyo for the beautiful drive back to the finish line, and once again made it just in time to see the first runner make it in. Once again, we saw Jon running by us, having left the rest of the runners in his dust. He finished in first place, with a time of 2 hours and 24 minutes, which was at least a couple minutes ahead of anyone else. Crazy!

And then it was time to wait. And wait we did, as we looked at various humorous signs, a lovely view of the temple, large waisted people wandering around with a large soda or sweet dessert in hand, and of course the dozens of adorable children waiting to cheer on their parents. There were an insane amount of people there, so there was no lack of things to look at.

And then we saw Tyler make a fantastic finish with a time of 3 hours and 7 minutes. Netty was soon to follow with a time of 3 hours and 36 minutes. And then came mom with a great time of 4 hours and 16 minutes. Tyler and Netty have run many, many marathons before, and are seasoned marathoners but this was my mom’s first. And despite injuring her popliteus halfway through training, she pulled through and finished with almost the exact time that she had set as her goal. I couldn’t be more proud!

After the race, the tiredness, sore muscles, and hunger began to set in so, a good shower, massage and a good meal were in order. As the men did some manly bonding over football, Netty, my mom, and I took off to get a pedicure to soothe our feet  (I may not have run the marathon, but I did have an intense week of dancing and I felt my poor blistered and peeling feet deserved some pampering.) It was my first, and it was lovely. Especially the massaging chair that all but put me to sleep.

After the men came back from priesthood, my parents and Kyle and I went out to get frozen custard. We just went to a local place, but there were a bunch of actors getting their own dessert there, at the same time. I figured out where I had seen them before, but Kyle kept looking over at them and asking why he recognized them and I proceeded to tell him what movies they were in. The most notable of the group were Adam Johnson, who played Mark in Charly, and Bart Johnson, who plays Troy’s dad in High School Musical. There were also some guys that had been in Single’s Ward, and other LDS movies. Though watching people’s reaction to them was entertaining nothing could pass up the reaction they got as they were leaving.  They were stopped by a middle aged, stout and plump man who enthusiastically cried, multiple times, to his children that this was Zac Efron’s dad from High School Musical!  After the men had left, he sat back down in his seat and wouldn’t stop saying, “I can’t believe that they were here! That was so cool!” as his kids sat there all embarrassed and our group secretly snickered.

After all sitting on a bed to watch The Pursuit of Happiness, and shedding a few tears, we all went to our beds for the night. It was the perfect ending to the evening, which led into a lovely morning including delicious breakfast and the Sunday morning session of general conference. From there we checked out of the hotel and drove home while listening to the afternoon session of conference. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more recuperative weekend than spending time with my parents, and handsome hubby while riding myself of any stresses of work, dance, or school.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Road Trip: 26.2

  1. You guys CRACK me up!! That sign is hillarious. Glad you had a recouperative weekend. We miss having you guys around but we are glad you are enjoying yourselves back at BYU.
    Audrey Cox


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