Sundance in the Moonlight

You know that you have a good husband when he takes you on surprise dates that include some of your favorite things. Last weekend, Kyle surprised me by taking me to the Divine Comedy show, which is the skit and stand up comedy group at BYU. Then this week, he took me up Provo canyon to one of my favorite places, Sundance.

In the winter, Sundance is a ski resort, but in the warmer months, they open up the resort to hikers, bikers, and occasionally have festivals and shows. This particular visit was for an event that happens only once a month, when the moon is full. Anyone who comes is treated to a ride up and down the mountain on the ski lift, while basking in the moonlight. I heard about this event last year, but never ended up being able to do it, but this year, Kyle made it happen. My hubby is the best!

We were accompanied by Kyle’s co-worker, and my new friends Chris and his wife Megan. When we got there, we had to wait in a decently sized line but were soon whisked up the mountain on the lift. The night was clear and the view was beautiful. We enjoyed our conversations and cat calling at the couples that were coming back down the mountain and having a moment. When we got back down, we were met by a very large line that wound all the way out to the road. The wait would be worth it, but I am happy we didn’t have to wait that long.

Come Saturday, we ventured up the canyon again to go to a CDT retreat. The weather was perfect, and the view was fantastic, which made for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. The evening consisted of a hike in the mountains, a delicious meal, and a devotional for testimonies and setting goals for strengthening our spirits, for tour in India. I am so blessed to be on a company with so many amazing people.


One thought on “Sundance in the Moonlight

  1. That’s fun. We went on Tuesday and there was absolutely no line at all, in fact we were laughing about how they had that entire area is roped off, but I guess I know why now! It is beautiful up there though.


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