Family Time

Over the past month, Kyle and I were blessed to have family coming into town to stay with us. First Dellas (Kyle’s dad), then Nate and Julie and their adorable girls (Kyle’s brother and his family), and then Dellas, Nancy and Tanner (Kyle’s parents and little brother). In addition to that, we also had my family down for dinner. We are so lucky to have been able to spend time with everyone and catch up. We are definitely soaking in the time with family as we will be moving out of the state this summer and will be much farther away.

Dellas stopped by our apartment to spend the night after going on a fishing adventure nearby. Even though it was just for one night, Kyle and I loved being able to talk to him in person as we usually have to talk through Skype. Even though it is a great piece of technology, it was wonderful to be able to sit face to face. Kyle especially loved being able to spend time with his dad. You know, have some father-son bonding time. The next morning was also lovely as we went to Kneaders for their “lilicious” breakfast.

A week later, Nate, Julie, Clara, and Grace showed up at our door. We dined on homemade personal pizzas and banana bread while talking, playing games, watching football, visiting Zupas and the Cocoa Bean, and on Clara’s end, watching Toy Story 1, 2, and 3. She loves her Woody and Buzz. Kyle and I also volunteered to be the babysitters one night so we could spend time with our adorable niece. Clara loved being able to be the center of attention while we played on the playground, blew bubbles, danced and colored, read books, and ate cookies. We had a blast! And I think after watching her and holding little Gracie, Kyle got a little baby hungry… not to mention me!

Dellas, Nancy, and Tanner came in the following weekend. Other than seeing Dellas a few weeks before, this was the first time we had seen them since our Boise wedding open house in May. Kyle made sure to pack the weekend full of experiences for them, and especially Tanner. You see, Tanner is considering coming down to BYU for school, and Kyle is determined to convince him. We took him on a tour of campus while we were the guides. We made sure to emphasize all the amazing things that our school has to offer. Other than that, we spent time making Nancy’s delectable sugar cookies, carving pumpkins, and supporting Kyle as he ran the Highway to Hale 10K race at the Hale Center Theater Orem.

We couldn’t let all the family time belong to the Frederiksen side, so we invited my family down for dinner at our apartment the night Dellas, Nancy, and Tanner left. It was a fun night cramming everyone around two small tables, playing a game of Life and laughing as we discovered I am quickly becoming the shortest child in the Todd family. (I’m 5 foot 7 inches, which is a pretty average height but my siblings are already passing me up. Crazy.) I also learned that I don’t know how to count as I still set a place at the table for my brother, Andrew, who is currently on a mission in Chile.

Kyle and I feel so blessed to have such amazing families. We are grateful for them everyday and will never stop thanking our Heavenly Father for placing us in the world with wonderful people that we are sealed to eternally.



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