Heber Valley Express

Every once in a while, Kyle takes me on a surprise date. Last time it was zip-lining. This time, it was to take a ride on the Heber Valley Express. Way back when railroads were the main long distance transportation, this railroad was used for porting people and supplies. Now, it is used as an attraction by taking people on rides through the lovely Heber Valley. This particular ride went up near Soldier Hollow and along the outside of Deer Creek Reservoir, and then back again. Though most of the ride was uneventful, and consisted of just viewing scenery, there were a few surprises, including a food cart that supplied me with delicious apple cider, and an attack by lurking robbers.

One of the robbers that came onto the train stopped when he passed Kyle and I and announce to the train that he had seen me dancing on a table at the local bar. Then he looked at Kyle and asked if this was my husband. When I replied yes, he told me that I could have done better and married him. This was probably the highlight of the day because it was hilarious. Just to straighten things out, I was not dancing on tables at a bar and I definitely made the right choice in who I married.

We finished our time in Heber by taking a trip to Granny’s. This restaurant has a bit of a back story. When we were all younger, my family would stop at Granny’s to get ice cream on our way out to my Grandparent’s house in Bluebell. There were even times where my parents would stop in for a bite while we were sleeping in the back of the car. Even though the food is not gourmet by any means, it is nostalgic and brought back a whole flood of memories.



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