I need to take a moment and brag about my little sister, Kenzli.  She performed in The Nutcracker this past week, as a party girl. Last night, Kyle and I drove up to Ogden to see the performance and we were not disappointed. Kenzli is so animated on stage, which was perfect for the role she was playing. She also did some beautiful dancing. I’m so proud of her! Keep it up dear, you have talent!

The performance was beautiful, and I was very impressed by the talent that was being shown on stage. Kyle also agreed that it was impressive to watch and told me that he enjoyed this year’s performance more than last year’s because he’s starting to understand dance better. He also said that he liked it because he is getting to be a softie in his old age. Old age? He’s 24, which is not old, but I will take it as long as I get to keep bringing him to dance performances. On another note, the men in our group have decided that tights should be destroyed. The end.

It is tradition for our family to go out and get a treat after the performance. Yesterday, we stopped at Wingers for some asphalt pie and fries. It was delicious, and these adorable girls deserved it after all of their hard work.

Also, after watching the performance, and asking many questions as to which roles I had danced, Kyle wanted to see videos of when I was doing ballet. It had never occurred to me that he had never seen me perform in that dance genre as it is a very influential part of my dance technique. So, we dug through my old dance DVDs and then sat down with my siblings to watch them. In each one, I got remarks that went something like this, “Where are you? Oh, I see you. You’re the tall one, in back, with long arms and legs.” Or, “You stand out a lot.” Or, “You lurp.” Lovely… Thanks family. At least my dad told me that he missed seeing me on stage. That makes me feel better.



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