A Time to be Grateful

After this weekend we are grateful for delicious homemade meals, a crazy dog named Tessa, late night x-box and wii gaming, turkey’s in bowling, cooking for enjoyment not for necessity, 8+ hours of sleep a night, time to make crafts, shooting bb guns, a holiday where we can celebrate eating and being thankful, kittens, college football, horses, cuddling, Granny Annie’s breakfast runs, novels, large cups of cranberry apple cider, the temple and above all, a lovely family to be with forever.

That being said, here are photos that document what we did during the week. Note, that little miss Kenzli wanted to be the photographer for the first few, and insisted that I put them on the blog.

I got a turkey, and had the highest score. And this is coming from the girl who is awful at bowling. It was a happy night



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