Christmas Time is Here!

Christmas time is finally here! YAY! I have been trying to resist play Christmas music (which may not have resisted enough), and think about the holiday, but I can now start the merriment of the season. To start off, over Thanksgiving break, my family drove up the canyon to pick out and cut down a tree. This has been a family tradition since I was young. We load into the car, drive over the river and through the woods, up a steep and sometimes muddy hill, and select our favorite evergreen. After much debate, we settled on the perfect tree, strapped it to the roof of our car, and took it home.

My dad really wanted to be in the picture…

I post this, not because it is supposed to be cute, but because this is the most awkward dip kiss I’ve ever seen. So, feel free to laugh. I do. Every time I see it. I think we need to practice this a bit more.

After spending time in the cold, we celebrated our find by drinking delicious hot cranberry apple cider. It is probably my new favorite winter treat. Also note how each person’s mug matches something about them, quite nicely… I’ll let you figure out how.



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