Christmas Festivities

Last Friday, after finishing finals, Kyle and I frantically packed up our car to drive up to Salt Lake City to meet my family. After stuffing ourselves with deliciousness at The Garden, we walked over to the Conference Center where we watched the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform. After which, we walked through Temple Square enjoying the lights and spending time as a family. Our lovely friend Aubrie was also there, which made things all the more enjoyable.

At one point, we also met Buddy the Elf, and Santa where we were presented with million dollar bills! After quoting Elf for a good half hour, we noticed that the bills had something written on the back which turned out to be Anti-LDS propaganda. Which ultimately made Buddy and Santa look like hypocrites and ruined the holiday spirit for about 10 seconds. Then we laughed and continued on our journey through the lights. Sorry, you two. Next time, do your research on the LDS church before you publicly make yourselves look like fools. Anyhow, we still had an enjoyable evening that will be remembered for a long time.

Just a note… iPhones do not take the best photos in the dark. We all look slightly eerie or possessed. Or maybe that’s just the light in our eyes…



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