Kyle and I are in Boise with his family for the majority of the Christmas break. This means that we are spending plenty of time with adorable kids. Olive and Harrison are just adorable, and we can’t wait to have Clara and Gracie here tonight. We love being an aunt and uncle. We’re definitely missing Owen, Ella, and Liam too. Merry Christmas Arizona family! We miss you!

Not to mention, these three guys are pretty adorable, too. Yesterday, Andi, Nancy, Olive, Harrison, and I took a trip to Anthropologie. While in the store, I noticed these boys come in with their mom, sit on the couch and the proceed to find sunglasses and pose. They probably stayed posed, stone faced, like this for a good half an hour. The only time that they broke their posing was when Olive was grabbing at their feet. I’m impressed. As was their mom, who was standing in front of me in line.


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