Christmas at the Frederiksen’s

As mentioned in my earlier posts, Kyle and I spent our Christmas in Boise with his family.  This was Kyle and my first Christmas as a married couple, though last year, when we were dating, we also spent Christmas together, with my family. It has been sad being away from my family, during a time that is so filled with family traditions, but I have also loved the time to develop my relationship with my in-laws and spend lots of time relaxing.

The night before Christmas was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Nelson’s abode doing the traditional scavenger hunt, Christmas program, dinner, and opening presents. It was exciting to see how another family brings in the Christmas spirit. We also loved playing with Annabell, Kyle’s cousin’s puppy. I want one.

Christmas morning soon came, and with it, lots of presents to open. Since Nate, Julie, and their girls were also here, we were able to see a child’s excitement over presents. Clara opened more presents than all of us, that were filled with dresses, and costume accessories galore. She was adorable to watch as she got so excited over each new package.

Kyle and I also got our fair share of presents from his parents, Santa, and his sister Alisa. We are very excited to use all of them! I mentioned above that Kyle and I spent last Christmas together, which is actually when he proposed to me. Last year I got a ring for Christmas, this year I got an iPhone. I have the best husband. I’ve coveted other people’s iPhones for ages, though I never thought we could actually get one. Kyle had to go behind to work out a plan with his and my parents to make it all come together. He is so thoughtful. Kyle, on the other hand, received his long-awaited Boise State hat that he has wanted for ages. I think that I just fueled the fire with that gift.

Meanwhile, the Todd’s were back in Kaysville, making due without Andrew and me. They have told me that it seems very different without us there,  but they still had a great Christmas. Among the presents they opened was one from Andrew. It contained Chilean bags, hats, and key chains for each of us. Camren also got an  awesome sweater. You can see who is the favorite….

Merry Christmas!



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