Snow and Skis

Over Christmas break, Kyle and I out ran a snow storm as we drove from Boise to meet my family at our cabin in Island Park. We made it to the cabin just as the snow was starting to fall. The snow then continued to accumulate another half of a foot to the already three-foot snow drifts. When the skies finally parted, and the temperatures warmed, the entire family decided to take a cross-country ski trip outdoors.

After going through the hassle of renting skis and deciding on a route that would suit everybody, we headed off for our adventure. There were many falls,  lots of photos taken, and a good bout of exercise. After being out a couple of hours, the wind began to blow, sending us skiing for cover.

This was Kyle’s second time cross-country skiing (the first time he had a hurt back but toughed it out to propose to me), but I must say that he has taken to it. He is already talking about how we should look for some on clearance this year, for our next winter. I completely agree.

Just a note to all the new cross-country skiers out there. If you fall… or someone pushes you, just make it look like you meant to be down there because you wanted a rest. It worked for Marissa, and almost worked for Kyle, but then Tessa decided to attack. Dogs… Just to be fair, after pushing Kyle down, he got to pay me back by doing the same and white washing my face. We don’t get mad, at our house, we get even.



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