Concert Week

My final performance at BYU was this past weekend. Of course, I will still be performing plenty with CDT in the next 6 months as we go on tour, but that is most likely the last time I will dance on a stage at BYU. It is a really sad thought, but I am also excited for the opportunities that lie ahead.

The concert itself went astonishingly well. Each night seemed to get better and better, and the audience grew more and more enthusiastic. As a performer, there is really nothing more fulfilling than knowing you left your audience feeling refreshed, enlightened, and smiling from ear to ear. It does help that we were aided by an amazing jazz band playing right on stage with us. That in itself probably upped the performance experience quite a bit.

The hubby was also able to get in on the fun. Since he will be coming along to India, he was given the task of being part of the tech crew backstage. That was probably the most memorable part of the weekend. It was so wonderful to be able to share with him something that I love to do. Also, being able to see him cheering me on during the exhausting pieces was like a kick of adrenaline in helping me make it to the end.

Kyle also saved the show multiple times. Once, when Amber sliced open her toe onstage, Kyle made a stage appearance to clean it up. And there was a lot of it. Then, later that night, Evan’s pants went missing for the next piece. He very well couldn’t go on with no pants on and needed to find a pair of slacks asap. So, we found another solution. I ran to Kyle and told him I needed the slacks that he happened to be wearing. Thankfully he had a pair of jeans in his bag and quickly changed. I then ran over to Evan, and quickly safety pinned the pants to fit him.

There were many other incidences like this though the run of the show (like Annie losing her wig), but all in all it went smoothly. However, we did gain a good understanding of the saying, “the show must go on”.

Thank you to the many people who came to the show and supported CDT. Your enthusiasm was so rewarding for all the many hours of rehearsal and the blood, sweat, and tears that came with those long hours.













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