Dancing Takes All My Time

I’ve always heard from other dance education majors that the last semester of college is the hardest and most busy. I didn’t really believe them because I was already spending as much time as them with work and school. And then, I started my student teaching. I have never been so tired in my life! Of course, I am still rehearsing with CDT, and choreographing my senior project, and taking a culture class to prepare to go on tour to India, and finishing up an independent study class. I shouldn’t be tired from all that?

But this post shouldn’t be about me, it should be about Kyle. He is the reason I am still going. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from school exhausted, overwhelmed, and emotional and he is cooking dinner, and has already started me a bubble bath. There are times when he will rub my sore muscles until they feel better, or let me cry about my stresses on his shoulder. And then there are the little things like waking up to a box of my favorite cereal sitting on my closed laptop, goodnight kisses and I love yous. I am one lucky girl to have him in my life.

Thank goodness, too, for the weekends where I can take a little time to relax and spend time with people I love. I’m a lucky girl to have so many great people around me. That being said, enjoy a small look at our life.






One thought on “Dancing Takes All My Time

  1. I have empathy AND sympathy! And actually this post was good for me to read. To explain; lately Derek’s work schedule has been crazy (for example I feel lucky when he comes home by or before 8:00) and I’m the one making dinner always and dong some of the things Kyle has been doing for you (with variations). However, this post was good for me to read because those roles were reversed when I was student teaching and out-of-my-mind tired (and probably straight up out of my mind). Derek was the one that was making dinner and making sure I was surviving. So thank you for reminding me that we support each other and that marriage is never a one-way street. Husbands a great, aren’t they?


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