Weekend Vists

Over Presidents day weekend, some of the Frederiksen family came into town! Though it was a short visit, we were happy to have Dellas, Nancy, and Tanner here. We also got to see Andi, which livened up their visit even more. Of course this visit involved eating a variety of delicious food, a whole day of discussing church history, and laughing until we cried (with a special thanks to Tanner, BLR, and Homestar Runner).

While they were here, I had a performance up in Salt Lake City, at the LDS conference center theater. It was an amazing experience to be able to dance on that stage, especially because I performed a solo that is so deeply connected to church history. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! All the Frederiksen’s in town were able to come to that show, as well as my mom and sister. I am so grateful for their support! Thank you for coming!






That weekend ended all to soon, and Kyle and I went back to normal life, doing homework, laundry, and housework. But this weekend, we have another guest which allows us to fill up our weekend with fun things again!

My little brother, Camren, just had his 13th birthday. Instead of getting him a gift, we decided to give him a weekend of fun! Yesterday, I picked him up, drove back to Provo, and let the fun begin. We enjoyed Rumikub, BYU winning in basketball against Portland, Burger Supreme, Nickle City, and on the part of Kyle and Camren, late night cereal and Nintendo.





Now it is morning and the boys are still sleeping, and I am enjoying the peacefulness as I am contemplating when to get out of bed. By Camren’s request, I am making scones for breakfast. Yum. It is bound to be a good day, with those at the start.


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