As a senior at BYU, we are required to participate in creating a final capstone project. Mine happens to be choreography, and also happens to be being performed this weekend. After tonight’s run through, I can’t stop smiling because of how well everything came together. It is so much better than I envisioned! This is all thanks to my amazing dancers Logan and Marissa.

That being said, if you are needing something to do this weekend, please come to the show. Your support would mean the world to all of the choreographers and dancers performing. There is nothing better than a full house with an excited audience.

If that doesn’t get you intrigued enough, here is my cute couple to convince you…


Not to mention that you will get to see me dance in an amazing dance on film by Amber Heaven, with an eerie end (which the choreographer deemed the “subliminal Jeneca effect”), and lots of other amazing pieces! Including a gorgeous solo by Jessie McClosky and one of my favorites by Kennedy Byrd. See you there…



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