Back in March, I spent a few days at the American College Dance Festival at the University of Utah. This is a yearly event that CDT goes to and takes classes and performs. Most years, we will also have two pieces adjudicated but since we have to switch off, this year went to the ballet company from BYU. Instead, we performed our “moves i like to do” piece at an informal concert at the end of the week. The audience loved it. We even had a standing ovation.

Each day, we would spend around 6 hours taking classes, and then spend another 4 hours watching the other colleges perform. Classes were so much fun, and the concerts were… interesting. Most of the pieces were excellent, some were not quite so excellent. But, I applaud the artists for being willing to put their work out there.

I especially loved being able to spend time with all of CDT. I love the people on company and I have come to regard them as some of my closest friends. All the women on company spent the nights at our assistant director, Michelle’s house. It was like a giant and extended slumber party, with long talks with Michelle about “good art” and the importance of sharing our light. After late nights occupied with homework or creating lesson plans, we were greeted with a delicious breakfast each morning. Thank you so much, Michelle! You made our stay so wonderful! (Not to mention, I loved having a dance party with your beautiful girls.)

As a company, we went out to eat at some great restaurants, including The Pie Pizzeria. If you haven’t been there, get yourself to a location, quickly. No trip to Salt Lake City would be complete without a trip to the Gateway, specifically Anthropologie. The last afternoon, a few of us girls snuck down and enjoyed a bit of window shopping, and some frozen yogurt. It was a perfect ending to a fun week. Even better was returning home to clean apartment and my handsome hubby.















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