Weekend Road Trip: What is the Plural for Moose?

This may seems like an odd question but it has been a debate for Kyle and I. This may also seem very random, but in light of where we have been this weekend it seems completely understandable. We stayed the weekend at the beautiful Silver Moose Ranch; a quaint bed and breakfast nestled up in the picturesque mountains of Park City. Why? You may ask. We are celebrating our one year anniversary!

We spent much of our time there relaxing and enjoying the many accommodations that the B&B had to offer but we also found some time to explore Park City. We went shopping at the outlets, ate at some great food joints, visited the Kimball Center for the Arts and Olympic Park, and enjoyed the shops on Main Street. In the evenings I conquered Kyle in Scrabble and Rumikub (games that he typically wins), drank lots of apple cider and hot chocolate, and sat by a huge, roaring fire.

I would also be completely ungrateful to not mention our host and hostess. They are an adorable couple from Alabama that has recently purchased the B&B and transformed it into a refuge from the crazy life. They were so sweet to Kyle and I, attending to anything that we needed, including waking up early to make us the most amazing breakfasts. We loved getting to know them and enjoyed our many conversations with them. We will definitely be going back. All that being said, we are excited to have had that time to celebrate the first year of married life and are looking forward to many more.




At Olympic Park, we went on a tour to see the different courses that were at the location. It was incredible to see what those athletes go through. I know that I would not be able to do what some of them do each day. Among other things we also learned about security during the Salt Lake City Olympic games in 2002. Apparently on the night of the opening ceremonies, there were 5 hover jets stationed in midair around Salt Lake ready to stop any terrorist attacks. There were also snipers stationed in snow caves in the mountains surrounding each event. Crazy! Walking through the museum brought a stream of memories back to me from when I was 12 and watching the games from my TV, and even going to some events. It reminded me of the pride I have for Utah. What an amazing place to live!








Our Sunday, and anniversary dinner. Not bad for all being made in the microwave.






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