The Land of 10,000 Lakes

We have finished the schooling for our undergrad. Graduation is over. What comes next? Though we have waited quite a while to announce this, we have actually known about it for quite some time. That being said, it’s about time we made our big announcement. As of September 2012, we will be living in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Both Kyle and I are very excited for our new adventure and the new experiences we will have in the city but it has been a long and thoughtful process deciding where we want to end up. Back in December, Kyle was flown out to Minneapolis for job interviews with Target’s headquarters. At the time, he already had an amazing job offer with Walmart, back in Bentonville, Arkansas and we were seriously considering moving back there. That is until Kyle came home completely positive that he had nailed the interviews. A couple weeks later, we had another job offer from Target which rivaled the one from Walmart. That threw us for a loop.

After spending a few weeks fasting and praying, considering pros and cons for both companies and cities, we felt that even though both choices were good, we need to be in Minneapolis. To all of our friends back in Arkansas, thank you for your friendship and love this past summer. We felt so at home and cherish our memories with you. We are sad to not be back with you, but we must be needed elsewhere.

As for us, we are ready to become city people! Each time we are in a larger city, we get these silly grins on our faces because we know that soon enough, we will live there too. That does bring a crazy amount of anticipation and apprehension as well. As Kyle was only there for a couple days, and I have never been there, we don’t know where to start when finding a good place to live. Anyone who has a connection with Minneapolis, or knows the area, your expertise would be much appreciated.

All the scariness aside, it is going to be a great adventure. There are so many things to look forward to. Minneapolis is the city where Kyle (and hopefully I) will have our first real job(s). It is the place we want to start our family. It is the place where Kyle will go to graduate school. It is the place where we would like to purchase our first house.  It is a place where we will have a chance to do missionary work. It is the place where we plan on exploring museums, nature, stores, and streets. It is the place where we are going to learn to love the mountain-less land and humidity. And even though it is far away from any of our other family members, it is the place where we plan on drawing closer to our families.

We will spend the summer traveling to many different locations (including India, Mexico, Island Park and yes, Minneapolis) and staying with family, but we will soon be updating your of our lives in the land of 10,000 lakes. The beautiful state of Minnesota.


One thought on “The Land of 10,000 Lakes

  1. Oh congrats! That is so exciting! You will only be a few hours from us! And we could meet some time in Chicago! If you are out out way let me know! (wow was that enough exclamation points) enjoy starting a wonderful life and family in the mission field 🙂 so happy for you guys


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