Weekend Road Trip: Two Hours Up North

Kyle and I have made a habit of leaving Provo over the weekends to visit certain areas in Utah or to spend time with family and friends. We do this because our time in the beehive state is limited and we are sure to miss it once we move away. And, let’s face it, we are through with Provo. This weekend we visited Logan where I have family and Kyle and I both have friends. We spent Saturday evening with my cousin Amanda, and her adorable son, Emmett. Amanda took us out to eat at the adorable Creperie that served the most amazing savory or sweet crepes. What I would give for one right now.



After spending the night at Amanda’s beautiful condo, we went to see Troy and Jocelyn, our dear friends, bless their baby. Booker is the sweetest little thing with a head full of hair. Along with him, there were plenty of other children to hang around to play with. Thank heavens for little kiddos to lighten our lives.



Afterwards, we drove down to Kaysville to spend the rest of the evening with my family. Including the usual amazing dinner prepared by mom, a great game of hide and go seek with Tessa and almost nonstop laughing. I am already starting to have Utah withdrawals.



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