Day 3: The Splurge

You can’t go to Mexico and not spend a day on the beach. We did it a bit differently than the typical beach trip, though. We decided to go to Xel-ha, a sea side resort park. Actually, it could be more accurately be explained as being a huge aquarium that you can swim in, surrounded by hammocks, eateries, and bike and walking paths. We spent the whole day snorkeling in the main area with occasional breaks to eat or walk around. The snorkeling provided a great look at the ocean life. We even spied a stingray and were able to follow him around for a good chunk of time (which is saying something because he was fast and trying to get away from us).

At the end of the day, Kyle and I were both tired and a bit dehydrated but it was well worth our time and money. We enjoyed a quick dinner, a refreshing virgin margarita, and ice cream then headed back to our hotel to pick up our bags that we had stowed in the lobby. Unfortunately, we had to spend the next five hours on a freezing charter bus getting to Merida but all in all, it was an amazing day.


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