Day 6: Island Time

Our trip was drawing to a close. We had traveled non-stop through Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Coba, Tulum, Merida and now we were in Cozumel. It was time for some relaxation and island time. Kyle had also served here as a missionary, and was excited to see all of his old stomping grounds. The first was the empanada shop that he would stop at occasionally. It is run by the adorable little man, Beto. As soon as we walked in, Beto turned around and shouted, “Elder”! He was thrilled that Kyle had remembered him and told Kyle his breakfast was free of charge.

After ordering two ham and cheese and two carne empanadas, and selecting our soda beverage of choice, Beto brought out a notebook and photos to show us. There was Kyle’s photo and signature  from years before when he was there. It was a fun moment for Kyle being able to show off another part of his mission.

We didn’t have much time to enjoy our fried goodness (there is nothing like deep fried food and soda in the morning…), as we had another adventure waiting for us. Sam, the man we were staying with, was able to hook us up with an ATV ride through the jungle. We were told to prepare wisely as we were getting ready; since it had been raining lately, there was mud everywhere. Kyle and I opted to go with swimsuits. I have never driven one before, but between getting covered in mud, being able to hold a snake and an crocodile, seeing some more Mayan ruins and old hurricane hide out, I had a blast. Unfortunately, I was still eaten alive by the Mexican bat (mosquitoes),  but that didn’t stop me from having an enjoyable time.

After attempting to wash off all of the mud, Kyle and I decided a dip in the ocean would be necessary. With snorkel gear in toe, we quickly found a place for lunch with a beautiful view, and then nestled into some nearby beach lounging chairs for the afternoon. It may have been overcast, but the view from where we were was stunning. All afternoon we soaked up the limited sun while snorkeling, napping, and shell searching.  Ah… bliss.

That evening, we took Sam, Ceyla, and their two children out to dinner to thank them for letting us stay at their house. The restaurant was actually someone’s gorgeous house that had been converted into an eating establishment. I loved everything about it from the plates to the decor. We were served delicious lime soup and great classic Mexican food until we were stuffed. Joshua, Sam and Ceyla’s son, perfectly ended our evening as he waved goodbye to the many birds around the restaurant and said repeatedly, “adios loro”.



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