The Joy of Moving

You will probably note the sarcasm in that title. Packing up all of your belongings is not a joy, it is a hassle. A heavy, time consuming hassle. Especially when you realize how many things you own. But it is a necessary evil and we will deal with it. Kyle and I are not moving out to Minneapolis until September, but as we have finished our last classes at BYU, we are no longer allowed to stay in the apartments on campus. That was going to leave us stranded, until we received an offer to spend the summer in a family member’s basement apartment.

Here is where the tricky part of packing starts. We will not have to use most of our belongings until we get to Minneapolis. However, there are quite a few things we will need to have access to during the summer. This results in many different piles placed specifically around the apartment. This also results in a very discombobulated and frustrated wife who likes everything to be nice and tidy.

Tied up in all the moving process, we also had to finish our last week of school, finals, work,  and (for Kyle) intramural games. Needless to say, I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Neither Kyle or I (not to mention my parents who helped us move) slept much and were completely drained by the end of the week. This caused further difficulty as we were running in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay that same week, but that is a story for another post.

Looking back now, I can’t believe how I was able to fit it all in. I attribute this to the many wonderful people who were willing to come help us. Thanks to my parents for the use of their car, trailer, and cleaning skills. And I can’t forget our wonderful ward members who volunteered to help us haul big pieces of furniture and heavy boxes. We honestly couldn’t thank you enough. You made the dreary and horrible process of moving enjoyable. Now we just need to deal with hiding and organizing the load of un-packable boxes and furniture in our little “studio” apartment until we have to move again… joy.

20120625-095045.jpgphoto via instagram


One thought on “The Joy of Moving

  1. I know exactly how this goes and it is awful but you will make it. I wish I could tell you all the disorganization and the chaos will eventually stop bothering you but that would be a lie. When we moved to St. Louis we had to move our stuff from our house in Layton into a storage until for a week (our house closed before our two week notice at our jobs were up), then into a uhaul truck w/trail for my car and I drove Nate’s truck loaded down (1500 miles to the STL), then Nate’s parents basement for three months until we closed on our new house, and finall from their basement to our house. It was soooo crazy but it made me really appreciate being able to have a place of our own. You will survive this craziness but it may remain craziness until September 🙂 if you guys drive thru STL give me a call! Good luck guys!!


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