Into The Woods

I have stayed at this cabin in Idaho since I was a little girl, but it never gets old. It holds so many memories and stories within its walls. There is so much to do that you can never be bored, unless you want to be. Usually, I visit with my family. This time, it was the Frederiksen side that got a turn. Kyle’s parents, and almost all of Kyle’s siblings made it there except Alisa and her family (who we missed but will get to see soon!). With all those people in one cabin it made for a wonderful relaxing week.

We started our trip with puffy french toast, going to church, a long Sunday nap (for Kyle, Nate and I since we had just run RAGNAR the night before and hadn’t really slept much since), walks, and a game night. The next day, upon arrival of Spencer and Andi’s crew, we visited Big Springs to feed the fish. Unfortunately, the fish have had to relocated due to an overwhelming population of seagulls. Still, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and the stunning scenery.

The next day, despite the cooler weather, we visited Yellowstone National Park and enjoyed the stunning views that the park had to offer. I have been to Yellowstone more times than I am years old, but our nieces and nephew were new to the scenery and wildlife. We spent a good amount of our trip pulling over to let them see the bison, elk, birds, and coyote that were along our drive. It was great to see their excited faces. We also enjoyed mud pots (as children, my siblings and I named them blup blups and still continue to call them that today), Old Faithful, Yellowstone river, and a beautiful hike through the forest.

That evening, after a delicious bison burger at Buckaroo Bill’s in West Yellowstone, Kyle, Tanner, and I went to see a show at the local theater. This year, the Playmill Theatre is again showing the fabulous Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (along with The Drowsy Chaperone and Annie Get Your Gun). We laughed all the way through and highly recommend it to anyone passing through. Especially if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary…

The men of the group all purchased fishing licenses and spent a good amount of time near the river. Though they caught and released many fish, the one pictured below is special. I had joked with Kyle during the day before he went, telling him to catch a fish for me. While fishing the next morning he caught a good-sized fish and sent it back with his brothers when they came to the cabin to get lunch. Upon arrival, a fish was flopped into my face with and was told it was a token of Kyle’s affection for me. Awe, how sweet. The men soon left, leaving me with a whole fish that would soon go bad if I didn’t act fast. My dad has taught me well so I sat down in the yard, gutted and cleaned it, and then put it away in the fridge.  Though my niece, Olive, thought it was disgusting, I actually quite enjoyed it.

Since the men got to spend plenty of time fishing, the women of the group got to have our time away from the cabin as well. Instead of sitting by a river, we drove to West Yellowstone to walk Canyon Street and shop. Naturally. The highlights of that morning were Andi and Julie finding two adorable buffalo purses for their little girls, enjoying fresh pastries from a bakery, looking at beautiful Native American made jewelry, and a visit to an old-fashioned candy and fudge shop. You better believe I loaded up on raspberry and blackberry gummy candy and some raspberry and cream fudge. Ahh… bliss. Later that evening we drove back again to have a delicious BBQ chicken pizza at Pete’s Pizza Shop and ice cream cones at the IMAX theater.

Along hours spent on a pinochle tournament, board games, Nintendo, and swimming, we also visited the local driving range. We each had our own bucket of balls and a swarm of mosquitoes to keep us company. We enjoyed ourselves but when we got home I was covered in bites, despite my use of ample amounts of bug repellent. No one else was…  go figure.

On one of our last evenings, we enjoyed a beautiful fire in the backyard of the cabin. I personally enjoyed the debate of what was the proper way to make a fire from the eagle scouts present. Despite them trying to change the method, we soon had a fire going. The evening was a bit cold, but with the amber flames heating us up, it became the perfect setting. When coals had formed we roasted mallows for s’mores and then sat around talking.

Saturday came, and we found ourselves cleaning up and hauling out. Our time at the cabin had ended too quickly, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We hope to be able to get back soon. There is nothing like being able to spend time in the mountains, surrounded by scenery that could take ages to describe. And then there are the people you are sharing it with, family. Those people that you hold most near and dear. What an experience we were able to have!



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