A Trip to the Moon

En route from the cabin to Boise (the next stop on our summer travel list), Kyle and I decided to make an unplanned stop to visiting Craters of the Moon National Monument. Despite Kyle having lived his whole life in Idaho, he had never been there. I hadn’t even heard about it before, but it was a welcome stop to our long drive home. We spent an hour at the visitors center watching  documentaries on the formation and then exploring the informative exhibits.

It was there we learned that astronauts from Apollo 14 had trained at this location to prepare them to go to the moon. Though, afterwards they discovered the moon’s surface is nothing like this. With that in mind, Kyle and I found his Apollo 13 soundtrack and listened to it as we drove a loop around the different formations and walked along some of the hiking/walking paths. It added nicely to the already bizarre setting we were in.

This site is amazing especially if you are a bit of a nerd, like me. I recently finished taking a science class at BYU that discussed different aspects of geology so I was actually quite intrigued at the idea of applying what I had just learned. It was a pretty incredible place to visit, and so randomly placed in the middle of Idaho. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that the geological “hot spot” that is now Yellowstone National Park, was once in the center of Idaho and formed what is now Craters of the Moon. Thank you plate tectonics.

If you are ever in the area, make sure you make a stop by. It only takes a short time to see the area, and is such an intriguing place to visit. Black and red rock extend for miles in strange formations created by the ancient lava flows, cinder and spatter cones alike. Even more strange, there is not much vegetation growing, making you almost feel as if you have been transplanted to the moon. Not to mention, the scenery around it is stunning providing for a lovely drive to Boise.


One thought on “A Trip to the Moon

  1. Crazy. I have never even heard of this place. Too bad we usually don’t go to Boise on our way home from the cabin.


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