In both my family and Kyle’s family, the Fourth of July is a time for relaxation and celebration. After getting married, we realized that most of the traditions that our families have for that day are similar so it just made sense to continue those along. This year, we were still in Boise during the 4th, so we spent it all with the Frederiksen’s. It all began with a parade in downtown Boise. It was a little underwhelming as it was short, and lacking floats but watching the kiddos run out to get candy made it worth it.




The parade did provide us with coupons for free chips and salsa at Costa Vida so after it finished, the Frederiksen clan made our way there. This lead to an afternoon nap, a water fight for the littlies, and prep work for that night’s BBQ. When that time did roll around, we stuffed ourselves silly with classic BBQ salads, chips, and an amazing patriotic trifle and homemade ice cream. It is a wonder that we didn’t all bust open.




Above all, the best part of the night was watching my nieces and nephews enjoying the fireworks. My sister-in-law Alisa was in town with her four kids, and being from Arizona, they hadn’t ever seen fireworks. Starting out with simple snakes and pop-its, they were adorable to watch. Eventually it was dark enough to pull out the sparklers which brought lots of excitement from the kids, and some worries from the adults about starting the lawn on fire but all in all, it was great! Finally, we started the fireworks. With Ooo’s and Ahh’s we enjoyed the patriotic display of showering sparks to close our lovely day. Happy Birthday, America.








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