Weekend Road Trip: The Land Down South

Only a day after getting back from our Uinta backpacking adventure, the Todd family all jumped in the car and headed south. Our first stop was in Cedar City to go to the famous Utah Shakespeare Festival. However, we weren’t there to see one of Shakespeare’s amazing works this time. Instead we saw Les Miserables, a musical that has been a family favorite for years. Even though I have seen this musical many times, I cried through most of it. This has to be attributed to the actors and actresses in the show and how much depth and power they put into their characters. Not to mention their voices were stunning. If you can make it down there to see it, I highly recommend you do so.

Les Miserables happened to be a matinee show, which allowed us to continue driving south until we hit St. George. This city plays host to another theater called the Tuacahn. In this theater, they were showing Disney’s Aladdin. It was perfectly set among the beautiful red rocks of the open air theater during the unusually cool night. (It had been raining and causing flash floods earlier that day and the days before but the skies were clear for us.) Part of the show had some 3D effects so we also got to sport some awesome glasses. The show was very much aimed to kids so cute Kenzli loved it and laughed the whole time. We all enjoyed it too.

The next day we celebrated my Dad’s birthday by taking another drive to Zion National Park. Though we wish we could have done more in the park, we enjoyed hiking up the Narrows. The Narrows were formed by the Virgin river to create a deep slot canyon in the heart of the park. Because of the rain, the river was faster and more dirty than usual which made hiking up it quite interesting and resulted in a few bruises and sore toes. Along the way we stopped for a snack, enjoyed the cool canyon and made a contest of scoring rocks into holes in the canyon wall.

(At this point you probably have noted that the Virgin river was a bit dirty…)

During the hike up, there were many slips on the rocks, but we are proud to report that none of us fully fell in the water. I did come pretty close though. I guess I have been out of dance too long. My balance is lacking. However, we did find an area deep enough that some of us were able to lay back and float down in the natural water slide. Soon enough we had to turn around and hike back down the river and then head home. This trip may have been a short one, but we packed in as much as possible and had a wonderful time. I will definitely miss the beautiful red rocks of the land down south.



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